Going to School USA

Going to School in America’s goal is to take Going to School’s design-thinking approach to creating dynamic stories to equip children with the tools they need to take on the 21st Century, to the USA and other countries around the world.

The Children’s Scrappy News Service is a news-talk-game show format designed to enable children to take on and solve the biggest challenges of our time. www.scrappynews.com

Scrappy ~ to make something out of nothing to change the world.

Powered by once-loved-things, scrappy is all about remaking, repurposing, upcycling, going organic, buying local and finding replacements for plastic.

Scrappy Schools.

Scrappy works offline in school communities through 24 week scrapbook design-thinking content curricula enabling kids to make their own content and learn 21st Century problem-solving skvills.

In India, Scrappy works in 1,200 schools across Mumbai, Bengaluru and Bihar.

Scrappy mobile/digital.

Scrappy’s APP, scrAPP enables kids to make their own content and share with Scrappy News Central to stream on our platforms.

Scrappy TV

Scrappy TV airs in India on nationwide channels reaching millions of children.

Scrappy Mexico

Excitingly, Scrappy’s first adventure out of India is in Mexico City.

No Place to Play | Scrappy News | Mexico
The world is a mess and on top of it there is no place to play especially for girls. Watch our Scrappy Reporters in Mexico find a solution for girls to play.
Good Food | Scrappy News | Mexico
Hola! You are what you eat. Do you know what is Organic food? Find out what our Scrappy Reporters in Mexico are eating.
Cycling Cities | Scrappy News | Mexico
Hola! Our Scrappy Reporters in Mexico City are asking the beautiful people of Mexico about the importance of Cycling.
Message in the Bottle | Scrappy News | Mexico
Hola! There is plastic in the ocean everywhere. Our scrappy reporters in Mexico are out to find a solution.
Scrappy 2020

Scrappy has big audacious goals. We’d love to connect one million kids across the planet around the problems they’d like to solve and give them a platform to do so.

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Going to School USA is a 501C3 with tax exemption.