How and what would you teach one million children in India when schools are closed for the summer and millions of children are not online?

The answer: School TV. School on TV. Airing daily on Doordarshan in Bihar, three hours a day for Grades 6-12, School TV is a Government of Bihar initiative with airtime on DD supported by UNICEF.

Athletes, writers, poets, musicians, architects, entrepreneurs, journalists, digital media content creators, data scientists, photographers, cinematographers, artists, chefs, doctors who moonlight as chefs, scientists, bankers, handloom weavers, organic farmers, counsellors, yoga instructors, nutritionists, lawyers, comic book creators, coders, Bollywood artists, women in wacky careers and more are sharing their master classes with us. What would you share with one million children if you could?

Every show asks children to complete a project and share it to a WhatsApp number. The Government of Bihar will publish the best projects in the newspaper and/or show them on TV.

Tune in today. And please get in touch if there’s a story you’d like to tell, we’d love to have you on the show.

Watch all episodes here:

Learn how to Make Comics with World Comic’s Star Sharad Sharma
Do comics only have to be about Superheroes? Can they not be about ordinary people around us doing extraordinary things? Can only those who know how to draw create comics? Can those with wonderful ideas, a pen and paper not create them? Watch this entertaining episode by cartoonist and World Comics founder Sharad Sharma as he teaches us about grassroots comics and how to use them for social change and communication.
Learn how to Make Music, Jam, with Neeraj Arya’s Kabir Cafe
From school textbooks to a music band! That’s the journey of Kabir cafe, an eclectic band that composes and performs Kabir’s couplets or दोहे (dohey) . Watch this video and take a journey with the musicians and band members as they explain what it’s like to be in band, composing music and playing together.
Learn how to Write Comedy with Writer Vankush Arora
Everyone loves rib-tickling comedy shows on television, but what does it take to write a joke? Writer of the popular Kapil Sharma Show and author Vankush Arora takes us through his journey, the different types of humour, and how to kickstart a career in comedy writing.
Learn how to Sing and Compose Music with Musician Thomas Albert
Watch this catchy video workshop with musician Thomas Albert as he gives you a workable guideline on how to compose your own song. Thomas talks about songwriting, composing music, and even teaches you how to warm up your vocal chords. Sing along!
Learn how to Write a News Report for TV with Sanjana Chowhan
Watch and learn how to write a crisp news report for television with broadcast journalist Sanjana Chowhan. In this informative video, she will take you through the dos and don’ts of news-writing, and how to structure and research a sharp television news script.
Yoga Minute with Vinaya Vakhare: Suryanamaskar and Tadasana
Everyone needs to make time in their day to travel inward. Yoga expert Vinaya Vakhare shows us easy, beginning steps to perform the Surya Namaskar and Tasasana. Yoga, she says, centres us, helps us focus, teaches self-discipline, allows us to think clearly, be self-sufficient. Much-needed skills which you can use daily and during challenging times.
Learn how to Start Your Own Food Truck Enterprise with Shilpa of Halli Mane Rotties:
Shilpa beat all the odds to start her own food truck, a dream enterprise she had always wanted to start. She tells us how she did it, the skills she used to set up her business, and then run it. Stay tuned for the episode to know how you can do it too.
Learn how to Make Your own Organic Home Cleaners with Mehndi Shivdasani
Did you know that citrus fruit peels such as oranges can be used to make non-polluting bio cleaners at home? Mehndi Shivdasani shows you how you can do it at home, save money, and save the environment, while remaining clean!
Mental Health Minute with Kavyal Sedani: How to Manage Anger
There is a way to manage your anger, says counsellor Kavyal Sedani, who believes that all solutions to our problems are within us. Here, she gives you easy methods to control your anger.
Learn how to Write Poetry with Faiz Yusuf
The art of writing poetry might not be something all of us are born with, but you can teach yourself. Everyone likes well-written, well-spoken lines. Poetry takes our understanding of life to another level. Watch the video and learn.
Learn the Art of Prosthetic and Special Effects Makeup with Nikita Kapoor
Nikita Kapoor works in Bollywood but here, she takes out several minutes to give you an inside look on aspect of her work, being a makeup artist, using her face as her canvas.
Learn how to Start Your Own Leaf Plate Company with Meena Devi
Meena Devi is a businesswoman, entrepreneur who runs her own sustainable enterprise, manufacturing lead plates all over in an effort to reduce our plastic use. What sustainable, eco-friendly enterprise can you start that will also provide a service to people?
Learn How to Play Sports with Girls and Women Today
Sports is very important for students to do well in academics. Sports is especially important for girls and young women. Watch and learn how these sports women stay fit and play sports regularly and how they benefit from it.
Learn how to Create Botanical Illustrations with Nirupa Rao
What are botanical illustrations? Let illustrator Nirupa Rao explain to you as she shows you how to capture nature in all its glory in the best manner possible.
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